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Whisper allows users to post images and words anonymously by geographical location. Several high schools across the United States are tagged within the Whisper app and show up as a choice for nearby users. Whisper does NOT verify users by phone number, email or other social media name (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Users choose a unique name and then start posting confessions, thoughts or any words they want. The words then appear on top of a photo from the Whisper bank or users can insert their own photo. Whisper has been cited in several cases of cyberbullying and teacher threats among high school aged children. Users can change their name as often as they want so trying to follow a specific person can be difficult. Whisper has about 20 million monthly users. Predators have also been known to seek out troubled students by making kind comments on posts in hope of establishing a relationship via another social media platform such as Snapchat or Kik. Because Whisper is completely anonymous, we cannot recommend any safe way for your child to use this app.

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