WhatsApp is the world’s most popular texting app beating out Facebook Messenger by at least 100 million texts per month. Teens love WhatApp because it allows them to communicate with whomever they want privately. WhatsApp does have some privacy settings but it’s important to know that all new accounts default to the most public settings and you must turn all privacy settings on. Another thing to be aware of is that users CANNOT password protect WhatsApp therefore a teen’s friend could send rogue messages simply by picking up their friend’s phone. While users are required to be 16 years old, there is no age verification when setting up an account. In addition, WhatsApp has no restrictions on adult content. WhatsApp also has a location feature that revels the exact location location where a photo or video was taken using the app. Finally, WhatsApp tells other users when you are online, currently there is no way to change this setting. We cannot recommend a safe way for minors to use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp in the news:

Shahul, 19, was arrested for allegedly running a drug racket on Whatsapp group.

Man bust on WhatsApp offering R1 000 for sex with girl

‘LOL how much would you sell it for … she needs it for the weekend’: Commonwealth Bank manager accused of running a cocaine dealing service on WhatsApp

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