Twitter has a pornography problem, as a matter of fact, it has been reported that Twitter has over 10 million accounts dedicated to porn. It’s apparent that Twitter has no interest in prohibiting pornography.  In addition, it is somewhat difficult to block adult content on Twitter.  Anyone can access public Twitter posts via a web browser, it is not necessary to have an account to browse Twitter posts.

Twitter was the first social media site to use hashtags.  Hashtags, when used in a Twitter post, create a searchable index so that all posts using the same hashtags are grouped together.

Twitter offers very little to no educational value for minors and poses a real threat to their safety.  In addition, Twitter does very little to deter bullying.

It’s interesting to note that the Twitter terms of use agreement state that users should be at least 13 years of age while the App Store rates Twitter age appropriate for users 4 and up.   Google Play rates Twitter age appropriate for users 17 and up.

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