Tumblr appears to be harmless and is used by major institutions like CNN, The University of Texas, and MSNBC. Tumblr is said to be an app within which a large amount of hardcore pornography is available. A simple Google search for Tumblr porn will turn up 21 million hits. Because Tumblr allows users to post just about anything, images can be traumatic for minors. It is reported that arrests have been made where men have used Tumblr to share child pornography pictures. The settings feature in Tumblr is too easy to bypass and therefore not very effective. SAFE SETTINGS (IF YOU ALLOW YOUR MINOR TO USE THIS APP): make sure that you set Safe Search to “ON”. You can do this by entering any word into the search bar and selecting the drop down menu that will appear to the right of the search box. Go to the bottom of the drop down menu and select “Safe Search.” Note that just by turning Safe Search on, you are not guaranteeing that your child will not see pornography; you are just decreasing the odds. In addition, a child can easily turn Safe Search “OFF” as this setting is not password protected.

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