Snapchat was invented by fraternity members whose fraternity was kicked off campus. It originally provided college girls a way to send nude photos to their boyfriends. Snapchat was NOT intended for minors, however, its popularity has made it almost mainstream among minors. 32% of minors (13-17) use Snapchat daily. There are many popular brand names with Snapchat accounts like CNN, ESPN, Nat Geo, and MTV just to name a few. While Snapchat has recently tried to rid itself of public displays of nudity, there are still many nude photos and videos that are easy to find within Snapchat. Actually some of the content provided by brands such as MTV and Cosmopolitan is sexually explicit and may not be appropriate for your 13-year-old. There is NO way to filter sexually explicit content from minors in Snapchat. Many online sex merchants use Snapchat to lure users to other sites where the users can perform private shows for money. Snapchat users can send money to other users via the “Snapcash” feature. SAFE SETTINGS (IF YOU ALLOW YOUR MINOR CHILDREN TO USE THIS APP): make sure that they do NOT share their usernames with strangers AND that their usernames are NOT displayed on other social media pages like Facebook or Instagram. You will also want to make sure that in the Snapchat settings, only “My Friends can contact me and view my story” is specified. By limiting who can contact your children and see their stories, you add some protection from strangers interacting with your children. Also know that Snapchat users can change their name as often as they want.

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