ooVoo is a messaging app that incorporates text, voice and video. ooVoo is very popular among teens because it operates across all platforms (Apple iOS, Android, Mac & PC). On ooVoo users can participate in group chats with up to 12 friends making it perfect for study groups or clubs. The main risk associated with ooVoo is the possibility of encountering a predator or that a minor could be exposed to adult content. A search of #ooVoo on Twitter or Instagram will reveal several people posting their ooVoo usernames and an invitation to chat. While many of these hashtag users are just goofing around, quite a few use #ooVoo to promote their adult content offers. SAFE SETTINGS (our recommendations if you allow your minor to use this app): Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > People who know my email address or ooVoo ID. Now only the friends on ooVoo can contact the child directly. It is important to remind your child never to share his or her ooVoo screen name with strangers or publish that name on other social media sites. We also recommend that your child does not display other social network screen names in the ooVoo profile page or any other information that may display personal information about your child. You may also consider having your child use a cartoon caricature or avatar for the profile picture.

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