Musically (pronounced music-lee by the kids) launched on late 2014. With over 60 million users, Musically is one of the fastest growing social media share sites among teenagers. Musically allows users to create lip sync videos. Some of the sound and visual effects are really cool and lots of fun. SAFE SETTINGS (if you choose to allow your child to use this app): 1. Musically is a social network where everyone with an account can communicate with your child if you do not set the account to PRIVATE. 2. When an account is set up it, defaults to PUBLIC so you have to go into setting to set to PRIVATE. 3. Your children can set their account to PUBLIC anytime they want. 4. It is possible to HIDE location information BUT when a new account is set up, the HIDE location is turned OFF meaning your child’s videos will be grouped with other posted videos in your area. This feature can be un-HIDDEN by your child. 5. Many children will include their Snapchat name to attract more followers. Random people cannot communicate with your child on Snapchat unless they have your child’s Snapchat name (if you allow your child on Snapchat).

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To best protect your child, make sure their account privacy is set as follows:


In addition, make sure that your child is NOT displaying personal contact information on their bio page:


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