live-me is a live streaming app that allows users to stream, and watch LIVE video. According to the Apple App Store users must be at least 17 years old to use this app, while the terms and use agreement state that users must be at least 18 years old OR if they are over the age of 13, must have parental consent. allows users to purchase “coins” which can be used to send gifts to other users. Coins can be converted to cash. A bag of 99 coins costs $.99, a bag of 9,999 coins cost $99.99. The app makes money by charging a fee to convert coins to cash. Users can send gifts all around the world and will gladly convert currencies for an additional fee. This app allows broadcasters to see how many people are viewing their live video, respond to view comments and keep track of gifts and on screen hearts (a simple display of affection made by viewers). allows users to invite friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and share all your spontaneous moments with them. is a Chinese based company so any legal disputes may be subject to international law. We cannot recommend a safe way for a minor to use video: screen shots:


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Meet the Chinese live-streaming app that’s taking the US by storm

Live Streaming App Has Now Processed $1 Million In Payouts To Creators links: website terms on the App Store (iOS) on Google Play (Android)