Kik is a messaging app that allows users to set up anonymous accounts and change their account name as often as they like. The only way to “Kik” (communicate) with another person is to know their Kik handle. A Kik handle is like a 7-digit telephone number in that it must be unique. Some minors love Kik because it is almost impossible for parents to review texts sent using this app. Kik users can change their account name as many times as they want making it the perfect communication tool for drug dealers, prostitutes and predators. While you cannot find people dealing drugs or in the sex trade on Kik itself, there are thousands of other websites dedicated to Kik sexting. A simple Google search of Kik Sexting Websites pulls up 115,000 hits in 0.47 seconds. Drug dealers may use Instagram or Twitter to communicate their Kik handle so potential customers can communicate with them online undetected by authorities. Kik is also said to be the preferred sexting app among young people. Children are even using the term “Kik me” instead of “sext me.” Because Kik is impossible for adults to monitor and because it’s completely anonymous, we cannot recommend a safe way for minors to use this app.

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