iFunny is a website and app that allows people to create and post user created content. While most of the posts are harmless, there are a few that you may not want your child to see until they are an adult. The Apple App Store gives iFunny a 17+ age rating with the terms of service agreement on the iFunny website states that users must be at least 18 years of age. Because iFunny allows users to create their own content and use hashtags to maximize exposure, it can be used for bullying purposes. Additionally, any content posted to iFunny can easily be shared to other social media or downloaded by the general public.  Finally, there is quite a bit of racists, misogynistic, illegal drug and suicidal themed posts in iFunny – things that may be hard for a child to understand or look past.  We do not recommend allowing your minor to use iFunny, as a matter of fact, neither does iFunny.

Recent posts on iFunny:

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