flickr-appFlickr is a popular photo sharing social network that is owned by Yahoo.  Flickr users can post photos and share them with the public or in private groups.  Flickr does allow users to post pornographic material and asks them to use the “appropriate content filter” when doing so.  From the Flickr Community Guidelines: All content on Flickr, public and private, has to be appropriately moderated as “safe”, “moderate”, or “restricted” using our safety and content filters. If your judgment proves to be poor, we’ll moderate your account to match appropriate categorization for Safe Search and/or content type and send you a warning.  While users can set controls so “restricted” content will not appear, it’s very easy to override and gain access to this type of content simply by agreeing to turn “SafeSearch” off when a pixelated “restricted” photo appears.


If you choose to allow your child to use Flickr you will want to make sure that all of the safety and privacy settings are properly set.  It is important to note that your child will be able to easily bypass these settings so do not rely on them once set.

Go to Privacy and safety in the settings menu:


Make sure that the settings are set as follows for maximum safety:



There is no way to keep your child from changing these settings, as a matter of fact, Flickr makes it very easy to bypass the SafeSearch filter.

If there is questionable content, the photo will pixelate and display a caution sign:


When the pixelated photo is touched, you will see the following:


When you select “OK” here is what you see (minus the censor bars):


The most disturbing thing about Flickr is the fact that there are so many private, and public, groups where people display some pretty graphic and disturbing things.  In addition, Flickr seems to be a popular choice among pedophiles for storing and sharing illegal photos.

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