Chat Now for Omegle


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Chat Now for Omegle is an app that allows users to chat with random complete, strangers on the network. Chat for Omegle is not affiliated with Omegle in any way but it is and we consider it VERY DANGEROUS for minors. Chat Now for Omegle allows users to instantly begin chatting with other users from anywhere in the world. It is important to note that users can also go to via any web browser to begin video conferencing or chatting with a stranger instantly. On the website there is a section for college students, 18 years and older and an “Unmoderated Section.” WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD USE OMEGLE OR ANY APP WITH OMEGLE IN IT’S DESCRIPTION!

Chat Now for Omegle Screens:

Welcome screen, after a few seconds the users is immediately entered into a conversation with a stranger.


Very disturbing message.  Notice how the user is attempting to lure us to another social media site (Skype):


Chat Now for Omegle Links:

Chat Now for Omegle iOS