Snapchat Is Basically Stalking Your Every Move And New Actionmojis Prove it (Elite Daily)

In case you’re unaware, Snapchat is taking your stalking capabilities to new levels with the help of its recently added feature, Snap Map, and super adorable Actionmojis that go along with it.  This animated map walks quite a thin line between being informative and downright creepy, though the social media app refers to it as “a new way to explore the world.”  We, however, like to refer to it as a new way to keep a watchful eye on your ex. (read more)

Teens explain the world of Snapchat’s addictive streaks, where friendships live or die (Business Insider)

Instagram likes are great, hearts on Messages are fine, but the one metric by which many teens live and die is the snap streak.  A Snapchat streak is when you send direct snaps back and forth with a friend for several consecutive days. The longer you go without breaking the chain of communication, the longer your streak is.  Snapchat rewards longer streaks with special emojis, such as the “100” emoji for streaks lasting 100 days, or a mountain emoji for an extremely long streak.  Many teens invest an inordinate amount of time keeping streaks alive. There’s nothing more devastating than losing a streak you’ve put months of work into. (read more)

Officers: 14-year-old girl raped at house party; pictures shared on Snapchat (KFOR 4 NBC)

CLYDE HILL, Wash. – It is a disturbing case involving a sexual assault of an eighth grade girl.  Police were called to break up a house party of “approximately 150 to 200” juveniles on April 1 at a home on Yarrow Point.  Court documents state that a “majority” of the teenagers were intoxicated at the party.  A couple of days later, officers learned that a 14-year-old girl had been allegedly raped at the party in a bathroom. (read full article)