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askfm-appASKfm is a social networking app that allows users to post questions about anything. Questions can be posted anonymously or by username. This app it very dangerous for minors because anonymous strangers can ask children anything they want. ASKfm is also a perfect bullying app due to the number of users and the fact that questions can be posted anonymously.

ASKfm Screen Shots (Google Play):



If you allow your minor to use ASKfm, make sure to set the app to best protect your child’s privacy and prevent strangers from interacting with your child.

Select Profile under settings:


Be sure to deselect “Allow anonymous questions” and “Show status”:


Select “Account” from the settings menu:


Deselect “Allow others users to share my posts” and “Allow others to subscribe to my activities”:



When ASKfm is initially installed all of the privacy settings will be set to public so you will need to adjust the settings accordingly.  In addition, the privacy settings cannot be locked down in ASKfm, in other words, your child can change the settings and switch them back at will.

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