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After School is used by students in over 21,000 high schools across the country and has been cited for driving some students to attempt and commit suicide in America. Because After School allows users to post any photo, video or text anonymously, and because it is based on a specific GPS location, After School can be the perfect app for cyberbullying and bomb/gun threats. After School does NOT allow any adults, including parents and school administrators, to have accounts. After School is a known bullying app and has been used to communicate bomb and gun threats resulting in the closing of several schools. After School condones sexual activity and illegal drug use by having a special section for children over 17 years of age where sexual content and drug related content may be displayed.  There is a check off screen that allows students to view such content. After School is reported to have raised $16.4 million in venture capital to expand their reach. The app is free and has advertising inside the app. After School was banned from the Apple App Store in 2014 but was readmitted after agreeing to “monitor” dangerous posts and make school officials aware when such posts are made. We believe that After School is extremely toxic and therefore have no advice on how minor children can use this app in a safe manner.

The App Store gives the After School App a 17+ age rating while Google Play gives it a “Teen” age rating.  According to the Terms of Service, the After School App is ok for kids 13 years of age an up.

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