Who’s Making the Rules?


by Barry Crutchfield (ToxicApps.com) Social media is the fastest growing trend in recent history with a very inconsistent set of rules and guidelines for parents.  Even Apple warns parents not to rely on their age rating system and use judgement when choosing apps for children.  The FCC enforces the COPPA (Child online privacy protection act of 1998) sometimes – you only have to look as far as Twitter to see that this act is not strictly enforced.  Android users can now find apps on multiple app stores including porn only stores.

So what is a parent supposed to do?  The answer is simple: parents should make the rules based of their values.

In order to make rules, parents must keep up with what’s going on in the digital world along with trends.  Our goal at Toxic Apps is to keep children safe in today’s digital world by creating better cyber parents.

Please follow and share or information with other parents and together we can ensure a safer digital world for our children.

About Me:

My name is Barry Crutchfield and I live in Austin Texas with my wife, three boys and a dog.  I am cofounder of Toxic Apps LLC, a company dedicated to keeping children safe in today’s digital world.  For more information please visit http://www.toxixapps.com

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The descriptions of and warnings related to the various Apps discussed herein are based on opinions of Toxic Apps, LLC, and have been developed in a good-faith effort to educate parents of minors and to  define risks for children. Others may have wholly different opinions.


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