Password Please!

by Barry Crutchfield (

What is your password management strategy?  

Do you have a password management app?  Do you have a black book?  Or do you, like I used to, scribble down account passwords on the closest piece of junk mail?


In my never-ending  attempt to become a better cyber parent I recently decided to do something about the overwhelming number of passwords that I manage.  I needed something that would allow me to organize all of my information along with my 3 boys, plus I need the ability to share this information with my wife.  As my oldest ventures into the social media abyss, Rachel, my wife, and I insist on knowing about every single account my children have along with usernames and passwords.

Cyber account rules for my kids:

  1. No accounts can be set up without our approval.
  2. We, the parents, will have every username and password.
  3. We, the parents, will log into your accounts from time to time to ensure your safety.
  4. No changing account names, passwords or user id’s without notification.


We make it crystal clear that we, the parents, have complete access to all of their accounts to ensure safety.  We also continuously preach that some people, especially in the cyber world, do not have the best intentions.  Finally, we are teaching our children to refrain from posting content that they may later regret posting, something I admittedly have too much experience with;)!

So far we have experienced no push back. However, my oldest is just entering middle school and we are prepared for minor battles along the way.  As parents, we must remember that our children have from 18 years old and beyond to do whatever they choose online, but until then, their safety and cyber habits are our responsibility.


Our mission when wearing the cyber parent hat is to ensure safety and teach best practices so our children learn to become well adjusted cyber citizens.

My recommendation: 

I downloaded several password management apps and services and ended up using oneSafe for iOS and Android ($4.99 one time charge).

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.05.09 AM


oneSafe has tons of great features and is very easy to setup and use.  If you like to organize information, this app is a dream.    I particularly like the fact that oneSafe uses Touch-ID and has AES-256 encryption; the highest level of encryption on mobile devices.

I highly recommend keeping track of every cyber account your child uses and invite you to share your thoughts or tips on how you manage passwords.

About Me:

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My name is Barry Crutchfield and I live in Austin Texas with my wife, three boys and a dog.  I am cofounder of Toxic Apps LLC, a company dedicated to keeping children safe in today’s digital world.  For more information please visit

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The descriptions of and warnings related to the various Apps discussed herein are based on opinions of Toxic Apps, LLC, and have been developed in a good-faith effort to educate parents of minors and to  define risks for children. Others may have wholly different opinions.

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