Calling all Helicopter Parents!

How many times have we heard that helicopter parenting is bad? 

Guess what?  There is a place where helicoptering is necessary: social media!

According to COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998) no company can collect personal data on children under the age of 13 without parental consent.  Because of COPPA many popular social media companies draw the line at 13 years of age for users because obtaining parental consent is too difficult and costly.  As a matter of fact, Instagram deletes thousands of accounts per day of users suspected to be under the age of 13!

While 13 may be the legal age for Snapchat and Facebook users, 13 year old children are not known for making the best decisions, especially when it come to social media.

Children under the age of 18 need your guidance simply because they lack experience, judgment and wisdom.  There is no doubt that today’s children are smart, bright and know things we parents have to Google. However, don’t confuse knowledge with wisdom.  As Miles Kington once said: “knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is NOT putting tomatoes in a fruit salad.”

The regular act of monitoring your child’s social media accounts is not spying, it’s called good parenting!

When you train your children early to responsibly use social media, you can stop them from making mistakes.  How many adults have you seen post something only to regret it (or delete it) a few days later?  I used to live with post posting regret all the time and I’m 48 years old!

When children are trained from an early age to post things that are positive or ideas that contribute to a discussion, they will be better prepared for adulthood and will have higher self esteem.

In future posts, I will give some valuable how-to’s when it comes to helicoptering your child without making their social media experience miserable.

About Me:

My name is Barry Crutchfield and I live in Austin Texas with my wife, three boys and a dog.  I am cofounder of Toxic Apps LLC, a company dedicated to keeping children safe in today’s digital world.  For more information please visit

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The descriptions of and warnings related to the various Apps discussed herein are based on opinions of Toxic Apps, LLC, and have been developed in a good-faith effort to educate parents of minors and to  define risks for children. Others may have wholly different opinions.

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