Inspect What You Expect!

Inspect What You Expect!

by Barry Crutchfield (

InspecSunday is Today!

I typically sit down Sunday mornings and spend some one-on-one time with my children’s devices.  In addition to my random spot-checks from time to time, I like to perform thorough inspections on a weekly basis.

My intention is NOT to catch them doing something prohibited, but rather to ensure their safety.  My family is all iOS and we use family share, so the possibility of them downloading a toxic app is very low since one parent must approve ALL apps before being downloaded on any of our children’s devices. Continue reading

Calling all Helicopter Parents!

How many times have we heard that helicopter parenting is bad? 

Guess what?  There is a place where helicoptering is necessary: social media!

According to COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998) no company can collect personal data on children under the age of 13 without parental consent.  Because of COPPA many popular social media companies draw the line at 13 years of age for users because obtaining parental consent is too difficult and costly.  As a matter of fact, Instagram deletes thousands of accounts per day of users suspected to be under the age of 13! Continue reading



Who has a front row seat to your child’s life?

It’s no secret that teens post millions of photos, videos and personal things to social media daily.  Instagram alone boasts 95 million photo posts every 24 hours!

Do you ever wonder who is watching your child’s life unfold via social media?  Parents of minor children should review each person following their child on social media to ensure safety.  We like to call this process taking a friendventory. Continue reading